Small Flat Bottom Canning Rack

SKU: FP0646

Availability: *Backordered: 7/3/2019
Turn your stockpot into a canner!
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A smaller rack ideal for small batches. It holds 2 quart, 4 half pint or 4 one pint canning jars. Stable design features extra steel rings on a flat bottom with no dividers to accommodate non-standard jars. The rack elevates jars off of the direct heat to allow hot water to circulate freely around the jars. Contoured, comfort grip handles can rest on pot rims. 8-1/4" diameter wide and 1-5/8" high.

8 Quart Canner, Stainless Steel

SKU: FP0003

Availability: In Stock
Smaller stockpots work best for small batches of produce.

Wire Canning Rack

SKU: FP0225

Availability: In Stock
Replace those rusty pitted canning racks or use rack with stockpot for water bath processing.

Canning Rack for Jumbo Canner

SKU: FP0173

Availability: In Stock
Replace your rusted canning rack with this 15" galvanized steel rack.

Reversible Stainless Steel Canning Rack, 10-3/8 inch dia.

SKU: FP4000

Availability: In Stock
Versatile rack for home canning. Holds 4 quart jars on one side. Flip over to hold 7 pint jars. Stack 2 racks together to hold even more half pints during processing.

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