Professional Zip Whisk

SKU: BE1311

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Whisk like a professional! So easy to use - just push and mix.
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Make mayonnaise in seconds, beat eggs, froth milk and whip cream all by just a pushing down. Pushing the handle down on the zip whisk rotates the whisk. By using the same moderate upward and downward movement on the handle you can mix like a pro. Stainless steel whisk is 14" long. Dishwasher safe.

TWG Rapid Whip'n Whisk

SKU: FP3254

Availability: In Stock
The World's Greatest Whip'n Whisk incorporates more air for lighter and fluffier foods - you'll be amazed at the difference!

Dough Whisk, Danish Style

SKU: BE2538

Availability: In Stock
The Danish Style Dough Whisk is tested and proven by generations of users as the best all around mixing tool.
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