PrepWorks Collapsible Colander

SKU: FP0060

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This Collapsible Mini Silicone Colander is the perfect tool for a variety of tasks; including rinsing and draining berries, grapes and other small produce.
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This small collapsible colander has a snap-on base to catch drips, and the rigid design allows it to stand on its own yet still fold easily for storage. Perfect for berries, grapes and other small produce. Specially designed hole pattern in the base of the colander allows water to drain quickly and easily. Approximately 8" x 5 1/2" x 3" high when expanded. 3 1/2 cup capacity. Red. Food-grade plastic. Dishwasher safe. Progressive.

Canning Colander Scoop

SKU: FP2172

Availability: In Stock
Easily drain blanched vegetables from hot boiling water.

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