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Nordic Ware® Half Sheet Cover

SKU: BP3104

Availability: In Stock
Now you can protect your bars, brownies and cakes on the way to the next potluck! Fits any NordicWare Half Sheet Cake Pan.
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The best idea for taking treats! Protect anything you want to transport with this handy storage lid. This plastic lid for a half sheet cake pan is very flexible, so it won't crack. Fits 13" x 18" pan. 16.88"L x 12.13"W x 1.75"H. BPA-free and melamine free plastic. Lifetime warranty. Storage use only.

Nordic Ware® Half Sheet Cake Pan with Cover

SKU: BP3103

Availability: *Backordered: 5/31/2019
Now you can protect your bars, brownies and cakes on the way to your next party! By far our most popular baking pan set by Nordicware, you'll love it!

Nordic Ware® Quarter Sheet Pan with Lid

SKU: BP4530

Availability: In Stock
Keep your yummy baked goods fresh with this covered baker's quarter sheet pan. Comes with a durable lid to protect your treats during transport - won't mess up your frosting!

Nordic Ware® Covered 9" x 13" Cake Pan

SKU: BP4660

Availability: In Stock
Everyone needs a 9 x 13 cake pan, and a lid makes it much more functional by sealing in freshness and making transport simple.

Nordic Ware® Covered Square Cake Pan

SKU: BP4580

Availability: *Backordered: 5/31/2019
This natural Covered Square Cake Pan with plastic storage lid will seal in freshness. Great for picnics and snack-sized cakes.

Nordic Ware® Big Sheet Pan

SKU: BP4460

Availability: In Stock
Save time baking your next batch of cookies - this big pan will bake up to 24 cookies at once!

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