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Ceramic Shortbread Pan, British Isles

SKU: BE2214

Availability: *Backordered: 5/31/2019
British Isles Shortbread Ceramic baking pan creates eight wedges of delicate and flaky short bread.
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This British Isle Ceramic Pan creates eight flaky, delicate wedges of delicious shortbread with imprinted designs of Scotch Thistles, Irish Celtic Knotwork, Tudor Rose and a Welsh Dragon. Comes in a gift box with instructions and great recipes. Round, 9" dia. Traditional British Isles designs.

Ceramic Shortbread Pan, Scottish Thistle

SKU: BE2205

Availability: *Backordered: 5/31/2019
This Scottish Thistle Shortbread Pan molds beautiful wedges of buttery shortbread.

Leaves and Apples Pie Top Cutter

SKU: BE4020

Availability: In Stock
Create beautiful, intricately designed pie tops with the Leaves & Apples Pie Top Cutter.

Ceramic Shortbread Pan, Celtic Knotwork

SKU: BE2216

Availability: In Stock
The Celtic Knotwork Shortbread Pan creates eight wedges of short bread in four different intricate knot work designs.

Square Shortbread Pan

SKU: BP0237

Availability: In Stock
The Square Shortbread Pan creates pretty short bread squares with imprinted designs - the premium nonstick coating makes it easy to release.

Aberdeen Shortbread Cookie Mix

SKU: BE0702

Availability: *Backordered: 6/7/2019
This Shortbread Cookie Mix is so simple to use - just add butter!
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