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Standard Screen for Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9104

Availability: In Stock
Create applesauce quickly or puree tomatoes!
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New improved basic tomato/apple screen is made of stainless steel. Mesh screen has 1/16 inch holes, the perfect size to separate tomato seeds from the pulp or to remove cores and seeds from apples. Prepare bushels of apples without all that peeling!

All-Metal Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9101

Availability: In Stock
Make home canning simpler with this long lasting strainer. It's the easy way to puree tomatoes, apples, pumpkins, squash and berries!

Squeezo® Berry Screen

SKU: FP9102

Availability: *Backordered: 6/6/2017
Use to make jelly - removes all but the tiniest seeds.

Squeezo® Pumpkin Screen

SKU: FP9103

Availability: In Stock
Make puree for pumpkin pies and squash soups.

Squeezo® Screen Repair Kit

SKU: FP9105

Availability: *Backordered: 6/6/2017
Be prepared and ready for those bushels of tomatoes or fruit!

Deluxe Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9142

Availability: In Stock
New improved version has stainless steel components and screens!

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