Reversible Stainless Steel Canning Rack, 10-3/8 inch dia.

SKU: FP4000

Availability: In Stock
Versatile rack for home canning. Holds 4 quart jars on one side. Flip over to hold 7 pint jars. Stack 2 racks together to hold even more half pints during processing.
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A versatile canning rack that is great for both half pint and quart jars. Just flip to the side you want! Process even more in your waterbath canner by using 2 racks to stack half pint jars. The unique design allows for even water circulation around and under the jars during processing. Fits most standard 16 qt and larger stock pots, 10-3/8" diameter. Made of stainless steel, so won't rust. Holds 7 half pint or pint jars, other side holds 4 quart jars. Dishwasher safe.

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