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Instant ClearJel® Starch

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Eliminate the double-cooking required with ordinary starches.
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This special cold-process Instant ClearJel® starch thickens without cooking, yet holds up to fruit acids and the heat of the baking cycle. Improve the flavor of your bakery fillings by eliminating the double-cooking required with ordinary starches. It's even freeze-thaw stable, so you can make ahead, then freeze for later use. Recipes included. Use to thicken gravies and sauces too! 1 lb. bag.

ClearJel® Starch, 1 lb.

SKU: IN0900

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ClearJel® starch is the cook's and canner's secret ingredient! Use to thicken pie filling!

ClearJel® Starch, 5 lb.

SKU: IN0903

Availability: In Stock
Make canned pie fillings taste terrific!

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