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Gingham Round Labels

SKU: PP0026

Availability: In Stock
Add a colorful, traditional touch to jar tops, sides and more.
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Brightly colored gingham labels provide a homemade touch. Each label has a gingham border with plenty of white space in the center for writing. Package of 40 labels in 4 colors - red, blue, orange, green, 2" dia. Easy to remove.

Widemouth Gingham Round Labels, 24/pk.

SKU: PP0029

Availability: In Stock
Labels for widemouth canning caps. This home-style design adds just the decorative touch to your home preserves.

Gingham Oval Labels, 54/pkg.

SKU: PP0021

Availability: In Stock
Oval shaped labels for jelly jars.

Versatile Veggie Widemouth Labels

SKU: PP0032

Availability: In Stock
Label your widemouth jars of vegetables!

Oval Jelly Jar Labels

SKU: PP0016

Availability: Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Colorful oval-shaped labels fit Ball quilted jelly jars perfectly.

Decorative Round Fruit Labels

SKU: PP0006

Availability: In Stock
Top off your jars of homemade jams and fruits.

Decorative Widemouth Fruit Labels, 24/pkg.

SKU: PP0033

Availability: In Stock
Try these fruit labels on your widemouth jars!

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