Electric Motor for Food Strainer

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Make the canning prep time go faster. Add an electric motor to your Roma Sauce Food strainer.
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For larger quantities of tomatoes and berries - an electric motor for your food strainer will help cut down your work load. Relieve fatigue, wrist stress and separate the the skin and seeds more efficiently. This motor also works with the Roma Pasta Machine for rolling pasta dough. Easily attaches to your strainer and the dual purpose motor has 2 speeds with the bonus of a momentary button. Fits Weston Brand Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker and Roma 6" Traditional Style Weston Brand Pasta Machine.

Roma Sauce Maker Food Strainer

SKU: FP0212

Availability: In Stock
Easy way to process tomatoes and fruits. Put produce in hopper and turn the crank - seeds and skins separate from the puree.

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