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Deluxe Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9142

Availability: In Stock
New improved version has stainless steel components and screens!
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Be prepared to process all your produce with this new deluxe Squeezo strainer. It comes with all 3 screens - standard, pumpkin and berry! Safely make fresh juice, sauces, purees, applesauce, jelly, soups, baby food and more! No peeling or coring necessary! Place vegetables in 2-1/2 quart hopper, push the fruit or vegetables into the strainer with wooden plunger and turn the handle. The sauce and juice comes down the drain tray free of seeds and skins, which are discharged into a separate bowl. The Squeezo® strainer has been around for almost 90 years. Now components are made of stainless steel! There is no motor to break down and all parts are replaceable. Also incluldes wooden plunger, cleaning brush and recipe book. Made in USA.

All-Metal Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9101

Availability: In Stock
Make home canning simpler with this long lasting strainer. It's the easy way to puree tomatoes, apples, pumpkins, squash and berries!

Squeezo® Berry Screen

SKU: FP9102

Availability: *Backordered: 6/6/2017
Use to make jelly - removes all but the tiniest seeds.

Squeezo® Pumpkin Screen

SKU: FP9103

Availability: In Stock
Make puree for pumpkin pies and squash soups.

Standard Screen for Squeezo® Strainer

SKU: FP9104

Availability: In Stock
Create applesauce quickly or puree tomatoes!

Squeezo® Screen Repair Kit

SKU: FP9105

Availability: *Backordered: 6/6/2017
Be prepared and ready for those bushels of tomatoes or fruit!

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