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Deluxe 4 Piece Canning Tool Set

SKU: KK0001

Availability: *Backordered: 7/3/2019
Better quality home canning tools in one kit!
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Step up the quality of your canning tools with a deluxe canning tool set. All the basic tools you need with improved function and design. Four piece kit includes:
  • Multi-fit canning funnel that keeps the jar rims clean with built-in headspace measurements for widemouth and regular jars
  • Spring-loaded jar lifter that you can manipulate easily with one hand and feel confident about not losing your grip
  • Dual purpose lid lifter and bubble freer with stronger magnet to easily lift flat lids and longer shaft to release bubbles
  • Canning consultant magnet with jar/bushel and water/syrup ratios.

5-Piece Canning Essentials Kit

SKU: FP0177

Availability: In Stock
For safe and efficient canning, make sure you stock your kitchen with the right canning tools!

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