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Canning Starter Set

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Save money and eat healthier by canning your own produce.
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Here is all you need to start home canning! When you process your own fruits and vegetables, you're eating healthier because you eliminate preservatives - and the food tastes better! We've made it easy for beginning canners by assembling all the canning tools you'll need to start hot water bath canning. Set includes:
  • 21-1/2 qt. water bath canner
  • canning rack
  • funnel
  • jar lifter
  • lid lifter
  • bubble freer spatula
  • canner's consultant magnet
  • Ball Blue Book of canning
In no time at all you will have rows and rows of fruits, tomatoes, and pickles to enjoy during the fall and winter months! (This canner does not have a flat bottom and is not recommended for glass or ceramic top stoves.)

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