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ClearJel® Starch, 5 lb.

SKU: IN0903

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Buy in bulk and discover the cook's and canner's secret ingredient! Great for pie filling, sauces and gravies.
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You'll never go back to regular corn starch once you've tried ClearJel®! Save money and buy the 5 lb. bulk! You can also use ClearJel for fillings, sauces and gravies where flour is used as a thickener. ClearJel won't hide flavors like flour does, will keep your pie filling from becoming cloudy, and maintains its thickness and consistency upon reheating after refrigeration or freezing. 5 lb. bag (approx. 10 cups). Storage life of at least 1 year when stored in a cool, dry place. Pie filling recipes and instructions included.

Instant ClearJel® Starch, 1 lb.

SKU: IN0950

Availability: In Stock
Instant Clearjel® is a special cold-process starch that will thicken without cooking, yet holds up to fruit acids and the heat of baking.

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