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3-Tiered Cooling Rack

SKU: BE4698

Availability: In Stock
Use this set of 3-Tiered Cooling Racks to triple the cooling space on your counter top.
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This 3-Tiered Cooling Rack will triple the cooling space on your counter top! The legs allow for good air circulation between the racks, and can also be used individually. Collapse to store. Chromed steel, 10" x 14". Set of 3 stackable racks.

Large Batch Cooling Rack

SKU: BE3942

Availability: In Stock
This Large Batch Cooling Rack has more cooling room for larger batches of cookies, decorating cakes and other baked goods.

The Perfect Beaker®

SKU: BE5009

Availability: In Stock
The Perfect Beaker Measuring Cup is uniquely shaped and calibrated for measuring liquids and solids in 5 measurement types.

Rectangular Grid Cooling Rack

SKU: BE4696

Availability: In Stock
This Rectangular Grid Cooling Rack is perfectly suited for cookies, cakes, pastries, petit fours, and even small items like chocolates
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