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MiddleBaker for Even Baking is a set of 2 interlocking stainless steel bars used in the middle of casseroles and bars for even baking.
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No more hard edges! The MiddleBaker™ is designed to evenly bake the middle of your casseroles, cakes, brownies, breads and meatloaf. Easy to use - simply spray with nonstick spray, place it in the middle of your pan and bake. Because the heat is distributed through the metal - every portion bakes at the same rate and reduces the overall baking time. You can also separate different ingredients for different flavors in casseroles or egg dishes. Made of rugged kitchen grade stainless steel, the MiddleBaker™ won't corrode, peel or rust and fits most of your existing pans. Set of 2 interlocking bars, each is 6-3/4" long x 2-3/4" deep. Dishwasher safe, stores flat, made in the USA.
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